Viscosity of Liquids and Gases

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Viscosity has the SI units Pascal seconds (Pa s) which is called the Poiseuille. More commonly used is the dyne sec/cm2 which is called Poise. One Pa s is 10 Poise. The Poise is used in the table because of its more common usage. Data from Gustafson. These viscosities are at 20°C except for the blood and blood plasma which are at body temperature, 37°C, and for steam which is at 100°C.

Acetone 0.0032
Alcohol(ethyl) 0.012
Blood (whole) 0.04
Blood plasma 0.015
Gasoline 0.006
Glycerine 14.9
Mercury 0.016
Oil (light) 1.1
Oil (heavy) 6.6
Water 0.01

Air 0.00018
Helium 0.00019
Methane 0.00020
Nitrogen 0.00018
Oxygen 0.00020
Water vapor