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NOvA Neutrino Experiment Installs First Detector Block
Time lapse of Fermilab's NOvA neutrino experiment italling the fit of 28 detector blocks in Ash River, MN. Each block is 51 x 51 x 7 feet and when italled will weigh 500 metric to.gFpK00WJl9...

The Evolution of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Over the coue of its 50 year history, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory has evolved from a groundbreaking particle physics research facility to one of the world's foremost multipurpose laborator...

Gargamelle and Neutral Currents
Gathering dust (and beer ca) under a tree at CERN - it's Gargamelle. This experiment played a key role in Nobel Prize-winning research into the weak force. It's now on public displaybasLNz6frO8...

Rutherford Scattering – Classroom Demo
Rutherford Scattering: A simple way to demotrate back-scattering in a classroom.5ovtgA6GbxU

Higgs Boson: How to Discover a Particle
How do you know when you've "e;discovered"e; a particle? What do we mean by "e;discovery"e;?6guXMfg88Z8

MIT 8.02 Electricity and Magnetism Lecture 20
Self-Inductance, RL Circuits, Magnetic Field Energy.UpO6t00bPb8

Jefferson Lab and the Mystery of Quarks
Thomas Jeffeon National Accelerator FacilityxcASl3KeQsMVFEbT5hJnIk

Particle Accelerators – Backstage Science
ALICE and EMMA are prototype particle accelerato at the Daresbury Laboratory, run by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC).Peter Williams showed us around during a daily shut dow...

Life at a Synchrotron – Backstage Science Q&A
Interview with scientist Claire Pizzey, who works at the Diamond Light Source, a huge synchrotron in Oxfordshire.gMKGRs0iyvE

How a clyclotron works.JQkrMSc5kWY6BxyqFK2KRI

LHC particles fined for speed?
How fast do particles travel in the LHC?bgL7nyCDXuM

Accelerator Physicist – Backstage Science Q & A
Peter Williams is an accelerator physicist, working on prototype particle accelerato at the STFC's Daresbury Laboratory.1ZLxuhj_R7k

Producing X-rays at the APS
An introduction and overview of the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory, the technology that produces the brightest X-ray beams in the Western Hemisphere, and the research carried...

Proton Therapy – Accelerating Protons to Save Lives
Here's a very nice application of particle accelerato (unfortunately, the sound quality is awful!).In 1946, physicist Robert Wilson fit suggested that proto could be used as a form of radiati...

CERN News – LHC to run at 4 TeV per beam in 2012
The LHC will run with a beam energy of 4 TeV this year, 0.5 TeV higher than in 2010 and 2011. This decision was taken by CERN management following the annual performance workshop held in Chamonix la...

Beate Heinemann: The Quest for the Higgs Boson at the Large Hadron Collider
Beate Heinemann presents a public talk at UC Berkeley on January 21st, 2012, as part of the Science@Cal Lecture Series. She describes the LHC and its experiments, the relevance of the Higgs boson...

Inside the Large Hadron Collider (CMS) – Sixty Symbols
Professor Ed Copeland shows us iide the CMS Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider - will it find the elusive Higgs Boson? We'll be uploading another film from the sister experiment ATLAS very soo...

Large Hadron Collider (and Small Hotrod Collider) – Sixty Symbols
What is the Large Hadron Collider and what is it looking for? This video also features sixtysymbols' very own "Small Hotrod Collider".OzR4eXIz_uA

Exploring the Nature of Matter
An overview of the research conducted at Jeffeon Lab.GnO608SINGU

Inside ATLAS at the Large Hadron Collider – Sixty Symbols
The mighty ATLAS detector is searching for the Higgs Boson - one of a few experiments at the Large Hadron Collider.VYUqMRolaA

Will the LHC destroy the world? – Sixty Symbols
CERN's Large Hadron Collider will NOT destroy our planet. But many of you asked about it - and the "scenarios" are a good excuse to discuss some cool physics. Dr Tony Padilla discusses a few doomsda...

Petabytes of data at Large Hadron Collider – Sixty Symbols
This question is posed on behalf of many Sixty Symbols viewe who asked about it. With thanks to David Barney and Steven Goldfarb, from CMS and ATLAS respectively.0mgXNgD3JFU

Fermilab Accelerator Technology
There are more than 30,000 particle accelerato in operation around the world. At Fermilab, scientists are collaborating with other laboratories and industry to optimize the manufacturing processes...