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Schrödinger’s cat
Schrödinger's cat is a thought experiment, sometimes described as a paradox, devised by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger. It illustrates what he saw as the problem of the Copenhagen interpreta...

Foam Physics
What is the link between giraffes, wine corks and the map of the Univee?yLTrD9LYQTs

How Does A Boomerang Work?
A boomerang can execute its unique roundtrip flight by making use of three fundamental physics principles: lift, relative velocity, and gyroscopic precession.ADJKsLEAOHo

The Electric Cannon
We use an unusual cannon to demotrate electrical conductivity at different temperatures.eA3SDiyMiWU

Yo-Yos in Space
NASA Astronaut Don Pettit uses his off-duty time to practice his microgravity yo-yo skills.ni4j5K4Lz3o

Touch Screens and Quantum Tunnelling
We look at the latest touch screen technology and how it uses the strange phenomenon of quantum tunnellingqI5q6OqSo4s

Amusing Surface Tension Experiment
How does soap change the surface teion of water?2F64qh9qPAI

Falling slinky
What happe when a slinky that has been extended under its own weight is released? How does it fall to the ground?mAA613hqqZ0uiyMuHuCFo4

Why is the sky blue?
One of the most frequently asked questio of all time has to be "e;Why is the sky blue?"e; Using your tank full of water and a few drops of milk, you can demotrate Rayleigh scattering....

Vortex Shedding (Flow Tank Version)
Wolfgang uses a pendulum partially immeed in a makeshift flow tank to show us the effect of vortex shedding on a small object. When fluid flows around a cylindrical object, there is a range of flo...

Science off the Sphere: Astro Puffs
In his off duty time, NASA Astronaut Don Pettit explores the physics of water in a weightless environment. Published as a collaboration between NASA and the American Physical Society.qTy9NpSLm...