Moment of Inertia for Uniform Objects

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ObjectAxis of Rotation Moment of Inertia
Solid DiskCentral axis of diskSolid diskImage
Solid DiskAxis at Rimsolid diskImage
Disk with a HoleAxis at centerdisk with hole in midleImage
Cylindrical ShellAxis at centerCylindrical ShellImage
Solid CylinderCentral axis of cylindersolid cylinderImage
Solid CylinderAxis on surfacesolid cylinderImage
Hallow cylinderCentral axis of hallow cylinderhallow cylinderImage
Hallow cylinderAxis on surfacehallow cylinderImage
Solid SphereCentral axis of spheresolid sphereImage
Solid sphereAxis on surfacesolid sphereImage
HoopCentral asix of hoophoopImage
HoopAxis through central diameterhoopImage
Rectangular plateAxis through centerplateImage
Rectangular plateAxis through center, in plane of plateplateImage
Thin RodAxis through mid pointthin rodImage
Thin RodAxis at one endthin rodImage