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Jefferson Lab and the Mystery of Quarks
Thomas Jeffeon National Accelerator FacilityxcASl3KeQsMVFEbT5hJnIk

Particle Accelerators – Backstage Science
ALICE and EMMA are prototype particle accelerato at the Daresbury Laboratory, run by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC).Peter Williams showed us around during a daily shut dow...

Life at a Synchrotron – Backstage Science Q&A
Interview with scientist Claire Pizzey, who works at the Diamond Light Source, a huge synchrotron in Oxfordshire.gMKGRs0iyvE

How a clyclotron works.JQkrMSc5kWY6BxyqFK2KRI

LHC particles fined for speed?
How fast do particles travel in the LHC?bgL7nyCDXuM