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Classical Mechanics

Unit Conversion
Paul discusses unit conveion by mea of cancellation, illustrated with a simple average-velocity problem featuring Fast Freda.4EhkFuVGmco

Centrifugal Force
Hank addresses the so-called centrifugal force, and explai why you really mean centripetal force.DLgy6rVV-08

Bikes and Bee Problem
Paul shows a simple solution to a classic problem involving the motion of a bee that flies to-and-fro between approaching bikes.lw-rhXczLGI

Linear Motion Definitions
Paul links central kinematic definitio and equatio to Barry Biker.MfDv4FMDlpI

Gravitation: The Four Fundamental Forces of Physics
Hank continues our series on the four fundamental forces of physics with a description of gravitation - the interaction by which physical bodies attract with a force proportional to that of their ma...

Usain Bolt vs. Gravity
Who's faster over 10 mete - the fastest sprinter in the world, or gravity9YUtFpLpGfk

Force Vectors on an Incline
Paul analyzes forces acting on a block on an inclined plane, leading to forces on a block sliding on a curved surface.75cYX26jNCA

Force Vector Diagrams
Force Vector Diagrams, Paul extends Jim Court diagrams, identifying forces on a suspended, then falling ballBV6m2rnVBYo

Work – Sixty Symbols
A rubber band and hair dryer are used to explain the concept of work.A25LHlMK_v8

Feather in Vacuum – Backstage Science
Dropping a feather and metal balls in a vacuum chamber to see what gravity is really all about... The astronaut David Scott performed a similar experiment on the Moon with a hammer and feather.c...

Standing Waves Generator – Vernier
Relatiohip between Frequency and Wavelength in a Standing Wave.kkCcOAGI3zM

Nellie hanging on Gym Ropes
Paul shows two different ways of solving vector problems; resolution of vecto and the parallelogram method. Paul also shows a pulley problemhuLIDahbZKM

Science off the Sphere: Spring Theory
How do you measure mass in a weightless environment? NASA Astronaut Don Pettit demotrates as part of a collaboration between NASA and the American Physical Society.WGXmTUHMC0s

Nellie’s Rope Tensions
Paul Hewitt explai how vecto are used to figure out forces and equilibrium. Paul uses a parallelogram rule to find resultant teio.zwyUjFzLsuQ

Hewitt-Drew-it! 3:Net Force & Vectors
Paul Hewitt explai how vecto are used to figure out forces and equilibrium.hSQM0hoS6VE

Terminal Velocity
The terminal velocity of an object is the speed at which the force of drag equals the force of gravity on that object.p0IZsfzDS4s

Newton’s Cradle with a High-Speed Video Camera
Footage of a Newton's Cradle toy, shot at 300 frames per second7qPvmYbfM6I

Spinning Water
If a tank of water is spun around a vertical axis, the surface of the water takes a curved shape. In this experiment, a thin tank of water is spun at up to 270 revolutio per minute, filmed at both...

An apparatus that at once shoots a billiard ball horizontally and drops another one vertically from an equal height. Even though the two have different initial velocities, they both accelerate in th...

Why Does The Earth Spin?
The Earth spi on its axis, completing a full revolution every day. By why does it do this? One of the most common misconceptio in physics is the belief that cotant motion requires a cotant force...

A ping pong ball collides with a water balloon
A water-filled ping pong ball collides with a water balloon at approximately 25 m/s. The inelastic collision dramatically deforms the water balloon. The ping pong ball weighs 0.033 kg and is propell...

How to Weigh the Earth
This video demotrates how to determine the mass of the earth using some very simple equipment and a powerful mathematical expression. A century wide collaboration between Newton and Cavendish makes...

The Pendulum and Galileo
Galileo's investigation of the pendulum played a role in the evolution of science. He performed some of the fit experiments while discovering the relatiohip among length, mass and displacement....

Video Analysis of an object projected horizontally
Vertical and horizontal velocity of an object projected horizontally(by Sheldon Chen).V-1T_N3GVRQ

Why Are Astronauts Weightless?
In this segment, the Veritasium guy asks why astronauts in the space station are weightless. The most common awer is because there is no gravity in space. But of coue there is gravity in space, es...

Spinning Disk Trick
Objects hang heavy side down, but what happe when you spin an asymmetrically weighted disk - well the heavy part actually rises to the top. Why is this?h0SZZTBQmEsThe explaination: tDr26U4...

Falling with Friction
With a low mass and a large surface area, the coffee filte reach terminal velocity very quickly. When a falling object reaches terminal velocity it stops accelerating and moves at cotant velocity....

Momentum, Magnets & Metal Balls – Sixty Symbols
Looking at momentum with the aid of steel balls and a neodymium magnet. Featuring Professor Roger Bowley.xoUNyGUCzqs