Mind Sciences Workshop By Prof. Dr. Abdul Samad Musafir

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Mind Sciences Workshop By Prof. Dr. Abdul Samad Musafir

Postby Azeem » July 6th, 2009, 8:12 am

ZHEEL SCIENCES studies the Human Excellence and Physical / Meta Physical Powers. ZHEEL SCIENCES guides us the right use of Human Mind Powers and Physical Skills. Learn Mind Sciences with Master Mind Prof. Dr. Abdul Samad Musafir. Prof. Dr. Abdul Samad Musafir is International Author and Writer of 14 Books, some of his famous books are [The Secrete World of Healing Energies, The Secrete World of ZHEEL SCIENCES, Advance Treatment of Depression through Meditation, Mind Power, Yoga and SAMDA Healing Energy, Paranormal Sciences, Encyclopedia of ZHEEL SCIENCES, Muslims and Islam from Past to Future]. Zheel Science Institute has seven Schools and I have been the student of the School of Mind Sciences and did the course of Bio Mind Power, Bio Plasma Mind, Power of Mind and body language, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Silva Mind Method, Mind Powers and SAMAD’s Mind. Zheel Science Institute has seven Schools [School of Alternative Medicines, School of Healing Energy, School of Mind Sciences, School of Yoga, School of Magnum Power, School of Meditation and the School of Skills Development]. Mind Sciences guide us about the Power of Mind and it offers different courses like PMBL (The Power of Mind and Body Languages, for success in our lives. The Founder of Zheel Sciences Institute is Prof. Dr. Abdul Samad Musafir. He always sacrifices for the benefit of the people and is the best researcher on Mind Power and Body Languages. I am doing the Mind Science Course from Zheel Sciences Institute. I am the student of the Dr Abdul Samad Musafir and I have done the course of Mind Powers (Samad’s Mind) from Zheel Science Institute. Now I am able to use my Mind Powers easily and can achieve daily, monthly and yearly goals. As I have a good control over mind; therefore my mind works a lot better. I lead a Healthy Life and have a Powerful Mind thanks to this course. I am an individual with control on my Mind, Body and Thoughts and this will surely make me a successful person in the world. He beautifully explains the structure and working of Minds Powers (Conscious Mind, Sub-Conscious Mind, Unconscious Mind, Beta, Theta, Delta and Alpha Mind Rays and the Mind Aura, Chakras and Body Energy Center Waves). He made us feel the Super Mind Powers. Below is also the link by which you can get some more details about the Zheel Sciences. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_Snx5B63B8 For complete details you can also visit the website www.mindsciences.asia and also attend the Intro Lecture every Thursday at 07-PM at Zheel Science Institute For Contact Details Tel: [+92-21] 5444457, 0321-5444457, 0333-5444457
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