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Master Theory

PostPosted: September 14th, 2010, 9:45 am
by Masterov
Master Theory is derived on basis of the same (of Einstein Theory) source data, but - under other assumptions, so Master Theory and Einstein Theory have a equal rights to exist.

These assumptions:

Einstein Theory: presence of relativistic time dilation and relativistic compression of lengthwise spatial scales, but absence of ... transverse compression.

Master Theory: presence of relativistic compression of spatial scales and absence of relativistic time dilation.

Master Theory has no a paradoxes of Einstein's Theory, since this theory is remains of Newton Theory. There have no relativistic time dilation and have no relativistic defect of mass, and all relativistic effects to limited to visual effects.

Relativistic transverse compression of spatial scales of Master Theory is an exception of this rule. This compression create a dependence of scattering cross-section of relativistic particles from their energy.


Note: the dependence of scattering cross-section of relativistic particles from the energy of relativistic particles exist and is not ensue from Einstein Theory, and (at the same time) is ensue from Master Theory, is ensue from a relativistic deformation of transverse (to a direction of motion) scale. This fact is a evidence of Master Theory and (so) is evidence of Einstein Theory error.

Note: One can construct a theory in which relativistic compression of spatial scales and of relativistic time dilation will attend. Can be constructed an infinite amount of such theories. Einstein Theory and Master Theory is ones of this set of theories. In all these theories light speed will constant, and a pair of mutually perpendicular light-hours will remain synchronized. But only one of them is true, in which the time in all frames of reference flows equally. Verne's only Master Theory.

Note: You can close solar disk by the outstretched arm, but this does not mean that Sun can fit in your pocket. Relativistic length reduction - no more than a visual effect like this.

Looking at the sky at a flying plane, we hear the sound of its engines and the sound comes to us from the place where the plane is gone. We understand: why is this so? Relativistic effects are not much more complicated.