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Online Calculator is a simple web application that lets you perform advanced calculations, plot 2D and 3D graphs, and make symbolic calculations such as differentiation.

Enter functions in standard mathematical notation, using x as independent variable. As evident from the examples on this page, arguments to helper functions must be enclosed into parentheses (or braces or brackets).

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Precision and accuracy.
Please be aware that there are certain limitations to all web-based calculators. The arithmetic used can lead to errors in some calculations when the numbers get very big or very small. If your work depends on being absolutely, positively accurate to the last decimal place - use a real calculator!

1. Basic Arithmetic

Compute expressions containing standard mathematical symbols. The following table lists operators that come between the two numbers on which they operate, e.g., to multiply 2 times 3, use 2 * 3.

+Addition[ 11.81 + 12.14 + 14.23 ]
-Subtraction[ 68 - 11 - 21 ]
*Multiplication[ 5 * 6 * 7 ]
/Division[ 432 / 5 ]
^Exponentiation (raise to a power of)3^4

2. Advanced Math

Compute results involving mathematical constants, such as e, pi, and mathematical functions. The following table lists just some of the functions built into this online calculator.

sin, cos, tan, sec, csc, cot, etc.Trigonometric functions (arguments are assumed to be in radians)[ cos(pi/5) ]
asin, acos, atan, acsc, etc.Inverse trigonometric functions[ acos(0.3) ]
sinh, cosh, tanh, csch, arsinh, arccsch, etc.Hyperbolic functions[ cosh(5) ]
asinh, acosh, atanh, acsch, etc.Area trigonometric functions[ acosh(0.3) ]
lnLogarithm base e[ ln(17) ]
logLogarithm base 10[ log(17) ]
lbLogarithm base 2[ lb(17) ]
expExponential function[ exp(17) ]

3. Physical Constants

Note:Sometimes Online calculator interprets lower case letters different from upper case letters.

Long NameShorthand NotationClick the Link for the Approximate Value
mathematical constant pi ΠPI()[ PI() ]
Golden ratioPHI()[ PHI() ]
atomic mass unitsAMU()[ AMU() ]
Astronomical UnitAU()[ AU() ]
Avogadro’s numberA()[ A() ]
Boltzmann constantK()[ K() ]
Electric constant, permitivity of free spaceEPSILON()[ EPSILON() ]
Electron MassEM()[ EM() ]
Electron VoltEV()[ EV() ]
elementary chargeEC()[ EC() ]
Euler’s constantE()[ E() ]
Faraday constantF()[ F() ]
Fine-structure constantFSC()[ FSC() ]
Gravitational constantG()[ G() ]
Magnetic flux quantumMFQ()[ MFQ() ]
Molar gas constantMGC()[ MGC() ]
Permeability of free spacePFS()[ PFS() ]
Planck’s constantH()[ H() ]
Proton massPM()[ PM() ]
Rydberg constantR()[ R() ]
speed of light in a vacuumC()[ C() ]
speed of sound in air at sea levelSS()[ SS() ]
Stefan-Boltzmann constantK[ SB() ]

4. 2D Graphs

Simple Graph[ graph(sin(x)) ]
Graph with multiple functions[ graph(sin(x)*x, sin(x), x^2) ]
Set X, Y coordinate limits [x1,x2,y1,y2][ sin(954*x)-2*cos(x); graph(z,x1=-5,x2=5,y1=-5,y2=5) ]
Set number of points for smooth plot [pts][ sin(954*x)-2*cos(x); graph(z,x1=-5,x2=5,y1=-5,y2=5,pts=200) ]
Plot functions using variables[ f1=cos(PI()*x)/(-ln(2)*x); f2=sqrt(9-x^2); f3=-sqrt(9-x^2); graph(f1,f2,f3,x1=-5,x2=5,y1=-5,y2=5) ]
Fourier Series Graph[ graph(0.9^1*cos(1*x) / 2-0.9^2*cos(2*x) / 2+0.9^3*cos(3*x) / 2-0.9^4*cos(4*x) / 2+0.9^5*cos(5*x) / 2-0.9^6*cos(6*x) / 2+0.9^7*cos(7*x) / 2-0.9^8*cos(8*x) / 2+0.9^9*cos(9*x) / 2-0.9^10*cos(10*x) / 2) ]

5. 3D Graphs

Simple Graph[ graph3d(x^2-y^2) ]
Set resolution by setting points [pts][ z=x^2-y^2; graph3d(z,pts=50) ]
Set resolution and [x,y,z] limits[ z=cos(abs(x)+abs(y))*(abs(x)+abs(y)); graph3d(z,pts=30,x1=-1,x2=1,y1=-1,y2=1,z1=-0.8,z2=0.55) ]

6. Miscellaneous Calculations

Expand (x-2)5[ (x-2)^5 ]
Differentiating an expression [diff][ diff(x^3+5*exp(2*x),x) ]


sqrt() Square root of argument (number or expression inside the parentheses). Equivalent to root(argument,2)
cbrt() Cube root of argument. Equivalent to root(argument,3)
ln() Natural logarithm of argument (base-E logarithm of argument where E is Euler's constant)
lg() Logarithm base-10 of argument, equivalent to logn(argument,10).
lb() Logarithm base-2 of argument.
exp() Exponential Function E to the power of argument, equivalent to E^argument
sin() Sine of argument
cos() Cosine
tan() Tangent
cot() Cotangent
sec() Secant of argument, equiv. to 1/cos(arg).
csc() Cosecant, equiv. to 1/sin(arg).
asin() Arc sine
acos() Arc cosine
atan() Arc tangent
acot() Arc cotangent
asec() Arc secant, inverse secant.
acsc() Arc cosecant, inverse cosecant.
sinh() Hyperbolic sine, Sinus hyperbolicus
cosh() Hyperbolic cosine, Cosinus hyperbolicus
tanh() Hyperbolic tangent, Tangens hyperbolicus
coth() Hyperbolic cotangent, Cotangens hyperbolicus
sech() Hyperbolic secant, Secans hyperbolicus.
csch() Hyperbolic cosecant, Cosecans hyperbolicus.
asinh() Area sine, Area sinus hyperbolicus, inverse sinh().
acosh() Area cosine, Area cosinus hyperbolicus, inverse cosh().
atanh() Area tangent, Area tangens hyperbolicus, inverse tanh().
acoth() Area cotangent, Area cotangens hyperbolicus, inverse coth().
asech() Area- secant, Area secans hyperbolicus, inverse sech().
acsch() Area- cosecant, Area cosecans hyperbolicus, inverse csch().
round() Rounds argument up or down to the closest integer
floor() Rounds arg down.
ceil() Rounds arg up.
abs() Absolute value of argument. Example: abs(sin(x))

Online Calculator with Symbolic Calculations and Graphs

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