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Here is a 2D plotter to draw the graphs of functions. You can plot up to three different functions at the same time.

Here are few sample functions you can plot using this tool;

tan(x-x*cos(Pi*x))sqrt(1-x^2)e^{x*atan(x)}floor(10*sin(x))/10 cos(x^2)-x

In the boxes marked as f1, f2, f3 enter formulas to plot. If you like to plot one or two functions then leave the rest of the function boxes empty.

Use ordinary syntax, for example: cos(x^2)-x
Enter your x and y ranges in the range boxes. Click the GRAPH button for the graphs to appear.

You can draw on the board using the mouse. Click ERASE button to erase your sketch.

Here is the list of functions this Flash 2D Grapher recognizes

Trigonometric functions and inverse trigonometric functions:
sin(), cos(), tan(), asin(), acos(), atan()
Example: sin(pi*x/5)-tan(x*2)

ln() - standard natural logarithmic
e - natual base
Example: ln(x^3-1)+e^(0.02*x)

sqrt() - square root
abs() - absolute value

max() - maximum of two numbers
min() - minimum of two numbers
Example: min(sin(pi*x-2),0.452)

floor() - revious nearest integer
ceil() - next nearest integer
round() - nearest integer

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